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Darbha Spa Bali - Brings You The Secret of Balinese Wellness

Rediscover, Reconnection, Transformation

About us

The Philosophy

“Darbha” is a tropical grass that is sacred to us Hindus and that we use to purify the offerings during our rituals. We used Darbha grass throughout Honai Resort to reinforce the sanctity of this wonderful place. We believe in the sacred power of nature and are proud of our Hindu heritage.

Darbha Spa was created to provide the opportunity for every visitor of Bali to feel firsthand the therapeutic treatment benefits of ancient Balinese healing rituals combined with products made of ingredients found in the surrounding jungles and farmlands. This authentic blend of culture and products is what makes Darbha Spa a unique and therapeutic healing retreat.

The Mission

We invite you to rediscover the connection with nature and provide you with an exceptional spiritual, health and Balinese beauty experience. Elements, such as mountain, forest and rice fields come together in such absolute perfection it can take your breath away. Inspired by this powerful harmony of sacred nature, Darbha Spa brings into play aspects of the environment, culture, philosophy and wellbeing to create an uplifting and unforgettable experience.

Wellbeing Journey

Rediscover – Reconnection - Transformation

While you are indulging in your tranquilizing, exotic and traditional welcome drink “Jamu” and are enjoying our signature cold scented towel, we suggest that you consult with our qualified receptionist about how to best address your wellbeing needs so that we can find the right treatment for you.

Relevant information is provided to your therapist, enabling her to ensure that the spa treatment is tailored to your specific requirements. Each treatment will begin with a sensory journey where you will choose from one of our custom blend fresh ingredients massage oils for your wellbeing journey.

Signature Treatments

Powerful Harmony of the Environment, Culture, Philosophy, and Wellbeing

So often the world focuses on the outside, that which we can see, and it is sometimes all too easy to forget that beauty within creates beauty without. To remind one of these connections, the Spa at Honai Resort has crafted several unique spa signature treatments that were specifically designed to help you rejuvenate, relax and feel centered.

Find the perfect balance and harmony between the five elements “Panca Maha Butha” that makes up the human being, and the five qualities of nature and elements that compose the human body.

Chandra Harmony Massage

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Enchanted Bali Luwih

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Darbha Boreh Therapy

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Indulgence Lemon Cocoon

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Prema Romantic Interlude

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Don Base Welcome Ritual

“Don Base” is a spiritually believe in Balinese offerings. It’s a welcome tradition and greeting ceremony that cleanses and purifies any environment from any negativity. Our Don Base Welcome Ritual is unique to Darbha Spa. You won’t find this ritual in any other spa in Bali.

This sacred welcoming ritual is a cleansing foot ritual that utilizes the healing power of the intuitive betel leaf. The Don Base pretreatment ritual is an integral part of your wellness experience and symbolizes the Bali – Hindu Trinity: Harmony, Joy and Peace. This trinity is transferred to you when the ritual takes place.

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