Chandra Harmony

Chandra Harmony


Darbha Signature Massage inspired by the philosophy of Mali moonlight, the journey begins with a warm exotic pure Balinese Flowers infused oil made of Frangipani and Cananga being drizzled over your body, with the combination of rhythmic waves of a full body massage, employing long kneading strokes, acupressure, and Hawaiian massage techniques.


  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Encourages a deep level of relaxation
  • Helps relieve stressed and tight muscles
  • Improves overall feeling of well-being
  • Releases tension and eliminates stress

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the rhythmic waves of a full body massage, and use our naturally product a unique blend of exotic champak and sandat.
Encourages a deep level of relaxation, helps relieve stressed and tight muscles, and also helps to restore harmony between body and mind.
Yes you can. How ever we will provide a pregnancy massage that the technique will be rights for you.
Yes you can. Darbha spa motto is to promote the health and Wellbeing of Spa Guest and Resort Guest in every way.

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