Darbha Boreh Therapy

Darbha Boreh Therapy


This old ancient Balinese treatment is perfect for shooting aches, pains and in same time to throw toxins out from the body system. It creates a sensation of heat to relief flu and fever symptoms. This treatment will begin with a Ginger Foot Ritual to help release tensions. It then continues with Boreh envelopment and herbal shower & body moisturizer that includes a mixture of pure Balinese spices and plants. This traditional recipe helps to balance the body and acts as a detoxifying warming treatment. A sacred head massage is also performed to complete this traditional journey.


  • Increases poor blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Encourages a deep level of relaxation
  • Helps relieve stressed and tight muscles
  • Improves overall feeling of well-being
  • Releases tension and eliminates stress
  • Works against Lethargy

Frequently Asked Questions

This old ancient Balinese treatment that using all the unique naturally detoxing ingredients blends of clove, ginger, lemongrass, galangal and cardamon.
Is perfect for shooting aches pains, it creates a sensation of heat to relief flu and fever symptoms, work again lethargy.
No, you cannot. Darbha Boreh Therapy considered heat treatments and are not recommended for guests that have heart conditions, suffer heat sensitivity, or are pregnant.
Yes you can. Darbha spa motto is to promote the health and Wellbeing of Spa Guest and Resort Guest in every way.

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